She Don’t Look So Good

It’s not what a trader tells you, it’s what they leave out that could be important.

One day a truck pulled into a trader’s yard. The driver, a buyer the trader had dealt with before, said he had a horse he wanted to trade.

After the horse was unloaded, the trader recognized it as a heavey horse, which means it had damaged lungs. With any kind of exertion, the horse would breathe very heavily and audibly.

“I really don’t have anything to trade right now,” the trader said, hoping to avoid having this sickly horse back in his barn.

“Well,” the buyer boldly answered. “Let’s check your barn.”

Inside the trader’s barn stood a gelding that was moon blind, which means it’s eyesight was so poor it could only see in very dim light. For that reason, the trader kept the horse in the barn, and it was shaggy looking and pretty dirty.

“What’s wrong with this horse?” the buyer asked.

The trader, realizing that this buyer was looking to swindle him out of a good horse, decided he would go along with the trade.

“Well, he don’t look so good,” the trader said.

The buyer, not catching on to the trader’s innuendo, insisted on swapping horses. A few days later the arrogant buyer came back to the trader’s farm, expressing his regret at having forced the trade.

The trader, not about to get involved with the man again, said, “I sure feel bad, too.” But the deal was struck.

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