How About This One?

A man wanted to buy a buggy horse. He went to a trader who specialized in that type of horse.

The trader brought a horse out of his barn that seemed to be pretty laid back. The buyer decided he really wanted something that was a little more lively.

“Wait here,” the trader said. “I have another one to show you.”

The trader, with somewhat of a shady reputation, had actually given the horse he was trying to sell a drug to liven him up. Because the trader was inside the barn so long, the buyer thought there might be something shady going on. When he saw what appeared to be the exact same horse, he was pretty sure the trader wasn’t being honest.

“What do you think of this one?” the trader asked.

The buyer studied the horse for a moment, his mind racing. He didn’t want to call the trader a liar, but he didn’t want to be swindled, either.

“Know what?” the buyer said. “I think I’ll take them both.”

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