Our few corn rows this year hardly qualified as a “field,” but with all the rain we had a bountiful crop. Had to bring in a second wagon to finish the last rows. This 1950s New Idea two-row picker and 1953 Super M seem “modern” to us when we’re in the habit of hitching teams to do farm work, but they are still a seldom-seen sight in South Dakota. Hats off to the few “real” farmers who still employ these aged implements – we know there are a few out there!

This time of year we usually hear the question, “Don’t you pick corn by hand?” Answer: “Been there, done that – way too much work!” If we had a dozen people working at it, maybe. Even then it’s labor intensive, and since we don’t use any chemicals to manage weeds you’d be covered with pollen and sandburrs. There are farmers – mostly Amish – who use horse drawn pickers. We have seen that in action. Those pickers are few and far between and they’re very heavy, takes at least four horses to draw them through the field. The Amish we know pick by hand, taking a few rows every day till it’s done. Their fields aren’t large either.

At any rate, harvest is over here for 2018. Time to pull a chair up to the fireplace and “chill out” till snow flakes fly!

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