Wherever there’s a horse, there’s a story.

That’s been our experience for the past 45 years and the reason for “Our Dakota Horse Tales.”

We – Alan and Loretta Sorensen – both grew up in South Dakota, riding horses and enjoying “the cowboy life.” When we married, we started developing our own horse herd, which initially included both riding and draft horses.

As time went on, the draft horses dominated our lives and we’re still enjoying them today. We hope you enjoy reading some of these “tales” as much as we’ve enjoyed living the experiences.

Alan & Loretta

For the past 45 years, Loretta and Alan Sorensen have worked together to breed, raise and train draft horses on their small South Dakota farm. Working with multi hitches, such as these six on the plow, has been one of the highlights of their experiences.

Alan & Loretta Sorensen
Alan Plowing

Horse Tales

Over the years we’ve accumulated hundreds of pictures of our teams and the work they’re doing. We’ll share some of our best images here. This collection contains some of our most recent photos of plowing, mowing and driving around the farm.

Horse Tradin’

Praben Lee

This section is dedicated to the late Praben Lee, a man who worked, traded and enjoyed horses of all kinds all of his 90+ years.

Praben, who farmed near Irene, South Dakota, for years, started trading horses when he was 14. He came to know horses inside and out, and learned a great deal about horse buyers and sellers along the way.

Some of these stories are his; some from his own experience or what he heard over many years.

Others are those we experienced or picked up along our journey. We’d love to hear your tradin’ stories too!

So Much More…

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Loretta Sorensen’s freelance writing career was launched when she started sharing stories and photos about the beautiful draft horses she and her husband were using in their fields. Her articles have appeared in more than 20 national and regional publications.